The Dingo

The death of a social worker in Aberdeen has department archivist Cutty Darke swapping her desk for the streets of the granite city as she investigates the apparent murder of possibly the least popular woman in the city.

First Post
Some Days I Hate My Job

The Case File
The Scene of the Crime
Inside Saint Nick’s
Meeting the Detective
The Office
The Desk
The Phone Call
The Team
Call him Ishmael
The House
The Teacher, part 1
The Teacher, part 2
The Dingo
The DRG, part 1
The DRG, part 2
The Quayside
Meeting Mick, part 1
Meeting Mick, part 2
Meeting Mick, part 3
Bright and early Monday Morning
Monday Morning Argument
Back to the ‘Deen
Odd Street
Still on Odd Street
Coffee and Exposition
The Fae
Coffee and Plans
Back to the Scene
Examining the Evidence
A Closer Look
The Social Worker
An Invitation from The Hob Mafia
Meet Runt, part 1
Meet Runt, part 2
Bus Stop
Good and Evil
To The Lab
The Poppet Maker, part 1
The Poppet Maker, part 2
The Poppet Maker, part 3
Mother Figure
Witness Statement from an Immortal
The Art of Swearing
A Visit She Won’t Much Like
And The Killer Is…

Last Post.
And That’s A Wrap





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