A disappearance and a chance encounter leads department archivist “Planet” Niles into the dark corners of modern mythology.


First Post:
Slender Man

Team Remiel Arc:
Tasking Force Remiel
Quick Update
Part 1
Part 2
A Visitation
New Toys

Under Expedition:
Part 1
Part 2
Red Jack

Slender Falls Arc:
On Weapons
Friday’s Meeting
The Best Laid Schemes
Canada Trip 1
Canada Trip 2
Coming’s, Goings and Thanksgivings at Slender Falls
Encounter 4
Slender Falls Updates
Ursula’s in Slender Falls
Pennies For Some Guy
Joyous News
Missing In Action
Met In Avalong
Changing of the Guard
A Death Trap Called “Slender Falls”
“Then There Was”

The Encounters:
Encounter 1
Encounter 2
Encounter 3
Encounter 4
Encounter 5

Concluding Post:
“Then There Was”

Niles’s Thoughts
My initial plans was for an ensemble piece in three parts but the weird insular nature of many of the Slenderbloggers I encountered online, after I had begun the story convinced me that getting things over and done with was the way to go.

Apparently there is only one true way to do a Slenderblog; namely your main character encounters the Slenderman, falls ill and either, after a very long drawn out process, dies at the hands of the monster or his agents. Or they become one of said agents. They certainly never ever win. If you want to see an example just Google Slenderman+Blog and you’ll see what I mean.

Of course with my middle act torn out it became a one pony show and, to fill all the gaps in the narrative, my character became a Marty Sue.

I actually finished the story about a month before “Joyous News” was posted. then it was just a process of letting the blog update itself. The plan had been to work on other projects during that time but life had other plans.


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