The White Rabbit and the Iron Caterpillar

I’m breaking into the current story (archived here) because for once I got to personally witness shit going down. Seriously, that never happens. I work in an archive for fucks sake.  Most of the drama I witness is decades old. I only got called in because I was literally the only familiar face available.  Well … Continue reading The White Rabbit and the Iron Caterpillar

Code 5 Alert Incoming – Part 4

Part one is here.  Part 2 is here.  Part 3 is here  The contents page is here.  I’m not going to try and summarise it for you go back and read them. I’m going to return to the extract of the witness statement of Doctor [REDACTED].   “The morning of the third day at sea … Continue reading Code 5 Alert Incoming – Part 4

Code 5 Alert Incoming – Part 3

Part one is here.  Part two is here. The Cestus Dei report contains a transcript of an interview with one of the refugees.  A Doctor hoping to eventually make it to the UK with his family.  I’m including some excerpts but  I won’t reproduce his whole statement here. I think you’ll agree he is a … Continue reading Code 5 Alert Incoming – Part 3

Code 5 Alert Incoming – Part 1

So this is happening:  Human Traffickers Are Abandoning Ships Full of Migrants. The short version, for those of you wary of clicking away from the safety of The Department’s servers, is that human traffickers have taken to filling cargo ships with refugees, pointing them at Europe, locking off the controls and then leaving the ship. … Continue reading Code 5 Alert Incoming – Part 1

On Meteors and Butterflies.

By now everyone probably knows about the Russian Meteor.  Many of you will have heard of the Cuban Meteor, or the claims thereof.  There's been a lot of talk about the Tunguska event. Officially the Department cannot comment.  We didn't do it, it didn't pass through British airspace and we had no personnel on the ground.  As far … Continue reading On Meteors and Butterflies.

The Great Apocalypse of 2012

Well yesterday was hectic. Let's see. The electric star gods invaded, landing their neon pyramid ships on crucial geomantic sites and re-energising the entire planetary grid. That brought the dead back as shambling zombies and triggered earthquakes, tsunami and the magnetic-poles to shift. The very fabric of space-time tore. A temporal infarction resulting in utter … Continue reading The Great Apocalypse of 2012

A Visit She Wont Much Like

Index here. I don’t like being lied to. No-one does. Lying to the Department is another thing entirely. We object to it in the strongest terms. When the Department objects to things we don’t keep it to ourselves. Everybody gets a slice. Mycroft hacked into a satellite feed to check the camp was still there … Continue reading A Visit She Wont Much Like