Histories of the Department

These are the known facts.:

In 1942 the British Isles were in the grip of the global stramash of the Second World War. To hide the efforts of Station X (Bletchly Park) a group was formed as a distraction. Their job was to make it look like the Allies could correctly predict the actions of the Axis powers because they had supernatural aid so that the German high command wouldn’t realise that the Enigma code had been broken. The plan was to play on the superstitions of Hitler, Himmler and other senior Nazis. To this end actual witches and occultists were recruited, including the likes of Dion Fortune and Aleister Crowley. Crowley was chosen not because of skill or power but because he was known to be incapable of keeping a secret for more than 5 minutes.

This group was given the grandiose name of Department Y.

Then something unexpected happened. SS troops landed on England’s southern shore at a village called Worth Matravers. It was meant to be a terror raid but the locals weren’t the ones terrorised. A local witch, who had been recruited by Department Y, was able to fight off the invaders entirely with the occult forces at her command. And the help of the home guard wearing ancient armour kept in the local church. Nobody told her that she was a misdirection.

The matter was hushed up and she was summoned to London where the Department began the job of harnessing real occult forces in the war effort.

But Churchill himself was already a practicing Druid with impressive command of his own occult powers.

The head of the Department was and still is the undying Cepha.

And something had always existed to protect the British Isles from supernatural threats against her shores.

Here we will be examining these various and sometimes conflicting Histories of the Department.