“PlanetNiles” Calder

Niles Calder is a pseudonym of Joseph “Toby” Tobias Darke, a retired Senior Field Officer who is now Curator-in-Chief of the Vaults Minor. He is an Adept rated Dramaturge, Wizard rated Benedanti and is recognised as a Paragon when wielding the Caledbullic sword Caledmae’r, to which he is bonded. He has a savant ability with creating resolute threshold wards.

Niles Calder and Joseph Darke are both the same person. With two separate backgrounds. One was a junior field officer sent undercover in Oxford to expose a secret death cult within Kebel College. The other was their cover identity. Due to a serious Edit while they were undercover there is some confusion as to which is which.

Prior to being invalided in the Covent Garden Hellmouth his codename was “Toby Jug.”

He has also had the codenames “Jadawin”, “Caled’dwr”, “Number None”, and “The Chief”.

He is married to his wife “Cutty” Darke.


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