Arthur’s Curse

I really shouldn’t say anything.

Really I shouldn’t. But it’s important.

“Sable Lovekraft”, whomever that might be, released another story a few days ago. On the full moon.

Arthur’s Curse is far darker than their previous work. Instead of just a gentle, if kinky, romance the character’s of Kay Reynolds and Harriet Roxburgh face actual peril and possible loss of, well “life” is the wrong word. Humanity. They risk losing their humanness. The consent is really dubious and while the black magic ritual that features is vague enough not to be repeatable it does have enough real stuff in it to give some dangerously disturbed people

We suspect that these stories may be prophetic; they certainly reveal things that we thought were secret. But the department isn’t doing anything about it. We know who these people are but the current plan is to wait out events and see if they actually come to pass.

I’m breaking ranks here but I think they need to be forewarned. I tried to do it myself, privately, but I “disturbed” people and was banned from interacting them online.

I honestly can’t think of anything I can do without sounding like some sort of creepy stalker. Which just gets me further from helping those who need it. It’s the Slender-Runners situation all over again. I know things but I can’t get word to those that need to hear it.


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