Stop the Press!

So Cutty and I got called upstairs to HQ this morning. Place was in an uproar.

You see a while back we both got flagged to do a bit a writing. Some loose dramaturgy on the QT for the department. Publicise our operations a little. Get people aware but not involved. That was the whole purpose of this blog TBH.

Only someone beat us to it. I mean that literally. Worse they may be leaking things that haven’t happened yet. Last night on Smashwords someone calling themselves Sable Lovekraft published a smutty short story about the Threshold rituals. The thing is the ritual in the story isn’t due to take place until the Worm Moon this coming March. We don’t know who is behind this. The real Sable hasn’t published any smut since 2009 and deleted her back catalogue not long after coming to work for us.

Whoever is doing this has inside knowledge of our operations and procedures. For example the different sections, also called branches, of the department are lettered A through to Z. E branch deals with the Threshold, S branch involves shape-shifting, X branch is folk magic and so on and so forth. “Sections S, E, X and Y” are actual sections dealing with actual elements of Threshold.

Worse the publisher is calling itself “Department Y Press” and is using the same version of the department logo as we’re using on this blog.

I’m telling you this because all signs point to me and Cutty. The story is dedicated to us under our civilian names, crediting us as “Creators of the Department”. The logo originates with us as I’ve already noted. There is a link to the author’s Tumblr blog which seems to be linked to a Tumblr blog in my name too.

Nobody in the story has been alerted to its content and we’re trying to limit its exposure. Since there is no permanent harm to anyone in the story we’re going to sit back and see how things play out. Maybe this is some weird fanfic leaking in from nearby universes or something.

The story is called Arthur’s Grove it’s just under 14k words and is priced on Smashwords at the insultingly low price of $0.99. Read it at your own risk.


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