Something Terrible Has Happened

Something Terrible Has Happened

That sound you just heard was me breaking the fourth wall.

We need you all to understand something crucial. It’s been touched on before but I’m putting this here so that it’s clear.


The department is a creation of Cutty and I, based upon ideas and dreams from my teens and character’s and research from Cutty’s imagination. Combining our creative talents we have come up with this setting which we’re very impressed with.  HOWEVER IT IS NOT REAL. We very much wish it was. We’d love to have the might of the department behind us in solving The Crisis. But we don’t.

The department is not real and neither is the Slenderman.

There I’ve said it three times, and what I say three times is true.

You may be wondering why I’m doing this. More than a year of silence and then suddenly this. Well I put a link up there and if you haven’t already you should click on it. There’s another link just below and you should click on it and read the story. Because it’s important.

Demonic Creature ‘Slender Man’ Motive For Waukesha Teen Stabbing?

There. Two 12 year old girls, only a year older than my own daughter, stabbed a friend 19 times because they thought Slenderman would give them superpowers. They’re only children but they’ve been planning to murder their friend since December because of some ghost story they read on the internet. Why? Because they thought it was real.

Look I’m a fiction writer, that makes me a professional liar, but even I know the difference between reality and fantasy. These girls did not. We can blame society, we can blame the parents, we can even blame the bloggers who remained true to their narratives and insisted that their stories were real. But ultimately these girls knew that trying to take the life of a fellow human being was wrong and tried to do it anyway.

Thankfully their victim survived. We hope she recovers soon and her attackers receive justice. Our thoughts are with everyone effected by this.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll return you to your regularly scheduled silence. Hopefully the Crisis will be resolved soon and then we can get back to the blogging. I may share a short story or something with you over the next few weeks. Perhaps not.



One thought on “Something Terrible Has Happened

  1. The Slenderverse is a fun ride. It’s neat to let yourself get scared at the tall man with no face who might be driving some poor schlub insane. But as you say, at the end of the day, he’s as real as Bigfoot. I hope the victim recovers soon and someday she’s able to trust people again. That’s the real horror here. It doesn’t take a reality warping inhuman abomination to destroy someones life. Even if the victim recovers physically, every time she is around anyone, she’ll always wonder if the people she trusts this time will try to kill her. Again.

    It will always be in her head.

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