On Meteors and Butterflies.

By now everyone probably knows about the Russian Meteor.  Many of you will have heard of the Cuban Meteor, or the claims thereof.  There’s been a lot of talk about the Tunguska event.

Officially the Department cannot comment.  We didn’t do it, it didn’t pass through British airspace and we had no personnel on the ground.  As far as we know it the Russian Meteor was just that and we know nothing at all about the Cuban Meteor.

What I can say is that is that neither of them is the same as the Tunguska event because that was no Meteor.

In 1908 something exploded in the skies over Siberia.  It flattened an estimated 80 million trees over a 2,150 square kilometer area in the rough butterfly shape illustrated above.  The official explanation is air-burst explosion of a meteoroid or comet.  Actually it was a Siberian Shaman achieving the full potential of the human soul, and probably instantly regretting it.

A lot of ‘experts’ will tell you that human beings are hopelessly outgunned by the evils we face.  They are wrong.  The problem is not that we are weak it’s that we are too strong for our own good.  The pan-dimensional quantum intelligence that we sometimes call the human soul is simply too much for the vanilla physics of the universe that our bodies occupy.  It’s like trying to channel the Amazon River through a garden hose.

Some people just have larger hoses than others and some are better at controlling the flow.

The human soul is holographic. It can be broken if you take bites out of it, hit it in the right way or hurl it very fast against a very hard metaphysical surface but each fragment is just a slightly fuzzy version of the whole and the soul can heal. The fragments rejoin. It is a thing of near limitless potential that, unconstrained by the laws of the physical universe, can achieve practically anything. We understand this on an  instinctive level which is why we have unrealistic expectations regarding the behaviour of the physical world from an early age and have to learn how to interact with it through study and research. Almost every tool for self improvement that humans have at our disposal is really just a way of letting a little bit of our potential out.

Now this might sound all airy-fairy new age-y  but let me remind you.  One human being releasing all of their spiritual potential unconstrained into the physical world caused an explosion that we estimate at 13.4 megatons of TNT.

One human.  13.4 megatons.  80 million trees.  2,150 square kilometres of devastation.

The most dangerous thing on this planet is us.


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