Unconfirmed reports of a dead yPhone are coming in.

I should explain.

yPhones are notoriously hard to brick. They’re somewhat beyond the current state of technology and always look at least 1 generation ahead. But are… well the nature of the technology they use is beyond my pay grade. For the most part they behave just like regular phones, except they can’t be hacked, they very rarely lose signal, even in the Under, can be tracked anywhere on  the planet and have a suite of apps to make the best gadget nerd drool. I’ve also read reports of them doing the really impossible. Such as the one that was whisked back to the 1970’s but could still receive SMS messages from the present. Also Dr Promethean can use them without them breaking down; most sophisticated electronics in his presence have a life measured in minutes.

Scuttlebutt has it that they’re actually living things, in some way. They eat electricity rather than being recharged by it. In fact they can absorb power from a number of different sources, from sunlight to raw Fictions.

I can only think of a rough handful of confirmed yPhone kills. Lets see one failed re-entry, one exploded when dropped into a nuclear reactor, one was killed when used as a weapon by an SIS officer on secondment and, uh, some idiot fell into a cavern with his in his pocket where it apparently died as it’s never been found. I like to think it survived, spawning a unique ecology of subterranean personal electronics.

Apparently this new death was caused by someone installing a game onto it, which I find highly unlikely.

More when I get it.


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