And That’s A Wrap

Story starts here. Ends here, right where you are.

Cat was deported to Avalon where he will be incarcerated for the next two decades, a twinkling in the eye of for one of the Fae. Having been ‘incarcerated’ there myself for a few months it’s not exactly a bad way to spend a score of years. I hope Niniane and the other Bean Sidhe there have some decent imprisonment in mind.

Detective Jane recorded that the Dingo’s killer had alluded the authorities.

The Lodger inherited the Dingo’s property.

Due to questions raised during this investigation all of the Dingo’s cases are currently being re-examined.

The Runt and her Hob Mafia… are another story entirely.

Chris returned to the DRG where he continues to make things go “FOOM” with alarming regularity.

Mycroft HOLMES continues to reside at the Diogenes Club from where he works as a consultant for the Department. He has yet to trigger anything as crass as a technological singularity and, as yet, has no intention of starting a revolution on the moon.

“Ishmael” is still single but recently shaved off his beard for Halloween, much to the horror of his many admirers. But don’t worry he’s growing it back.

Cutty and I are embroiled in our own private nightmare and the less said here about that the better.


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