Vaults Minor Case File 1 – Deadly Dome of Doom

I recently found a boxed-up relic from another time. It had been shipped over from the Vaults Major because it was of no threat and they needed space for stuff that was. It is a decayed dome of what appeared to be a Blue Box Clique prop. I did some research and discovered it was pulled out of a pond down near Beaulieu in Hampshire. The original newspaper article regarding its discovery is here.

They had Theta Sigma check it out and conform that it’s perfectly harmless and all that. We’re to keep our eyes and ears open in case any more turn up.

So what is it? Well it’s exactly what you think it is; a Dalek head. What you thought that Theta Sigma exists but that the Daleks and all his enemies were made up? Most of them are pragamclasts, that is to say they’re relics from defunct continuua. Some of them wash up on our temporal shores from time to time and we have to deal with them.

So yes. That is a real Dalek head from a real Dalek made from Dalekanium. Because there is no Dalek inside and all the systems are trashed it’s perfectly safe. So it has ended up here. What to do with a rotten old Dalek head? No idea.

Answers please on a postcard, as they used to say on Blue Peter. Email works just as fine in this day and age.


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