So that was one mystery solved. We knew what the Dingo was doing there. The poppet had called her to the building. It didn’t explain what she was doing on the top floor though. She had been, as I said, something of a lard-arse. Possibly someone had a sense of humour had wanted her up there.

We were in the car on our way back to the Queen Street Police Station when my yPhone rang. It was the Runt.

“Someone is looking for you.” Said the Runt.

“Ooh congratulations on the ominous tone. Well done. I’m sooooo intimidated.” I said. In my defense it had been a long day and I’ve never responded well to bullying.

“You bloody should be. She intimidates the hell out of me. She wants to meet you.” There was a long pause as if she was listening to someone but I couldn’t hear anything except the Runt’s slightly laboured breeding. “She says she’ll see you in the room at the top of Saint Nick’s Tower in 5 minutes. You know which room.” Said Runt and rang off before I could reply.

I looked up from the now silent yPhone to see the tower of Saint Nick’s looming above me as the car crept along Broad Street.

“Let me out here.” I said.

“What? Why?” Said Detective Jane as she slowed the car and pulled over by the bus stop.

“Got to go meet someone.” I said.

By the time I had struggled out of the front seat Chris was already standing on the pavement next to me with Mycroft clipped to his jacked pocket and grinning at me with Sir Christopher Lee’s teeth.

“Come to my office when you’re done.” Said Detective Jayne

“If you don’t hear from me within an hour send a rescue party.” I said. Detective Jayne drove off.

“Now what makes you two think you’re invited?” I said.

“We’re not letting you go alone.” Said Chris.

“I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation,” said Mycroft, “and even I could spot that subtext.”

“Overheard it how? Have you tapped my yPhone?” I said.

“No I have not.” Mycroft sounded quite offended at the acusaion. “But I can’t help picking up information leak. I overheard the encoded phone signal the same way you would overhear a conversation.

“I didn’t overhear anything but I can tell when Mycroft is worried and that worries me.” Said Chris.

“Fine. But no taking the piss if I have to stop for a rest, or two, on the way up.” I said.

We slipped past the now abandoned Police checkpoint and into the building. At the bottom of the stairwell I could not resist stopping for a moment and staring upward at the challenge ahead.

“Ah my old Nemesis. Stairs.” I said.

“Kung Fu Panda.” Said Chris and Mycroft in near unison.

I wont belabour the point any further, though the stairs certainly belaboured me. By the time we got to the top of the stairs it was surely more than 5 minutes later. I was worried. Whoever it was might not still be there, though I couldn’t see how they would have got by us on the stairs, and if they were still there they were unlikely to be happy.


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