Good and Evil

The first part of the story is here.  Or you could try the contents page.

So you ignore the problem until it’s so desperate for your attention that it’s sneaked into the corner of your mind’s eye and is sticking it’s tongue out and going, “Nyeh nyeh nyeah, you can’t catch me!” And then you jump on the bastard and wring it’s metaphorical neck until it spills the beans.

Good and Evil. That’s what the idea was shouting. The Knowledge of Good and Evil. In capitals and everything. What? Don’t you think in whole sentences with punctuation and capitalization?

The tree of Knowledge. That’s what got Adam and Eve kicked out of Eden. Eating the fruit of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Now I’ve always thought that was a handy metaphor for the evolution of intelligence but maybe there’s something more. Maybe it’s a metaphor for the difference between Humanity and the Fae.

Which is all very nice but doesn’t help the investigation. It might explain why the Hob didn’t know that stealing babies is wrong but it doesn’t explain why suddenly they did.

And that was the point where I very nearly did stand up and shout, “I’ve been a damned fool.” I had one of those rare moments of clarity that I normally have after pouring over piles of books and papers for a couple of days.

That was also my stop.

“I’ve thought of a Question.” Said Chris as we got off the bus outside Saint Nicholas Tower.

“Don’t tell me.” I said. “Let me guess… something like… What were the Hob doing with the babies they stole?”

“Well mine was why did the Court Fae want babies? but Mycroft thought the same as you.” Said Chris.

“Well I think I know what, if not why. But we’ll need to check something out before I’m sure.”

“Well check it out then.” Said Mycroft.

“I meant back at the office.” I said.

“This is the 21st Century you know. We have the mobile Internet. I am a mobile super computer. We can check it out now.”

“Oh I must have missed the memo about portable DNA amplification then.” I said.

“We have DNA to sequence?” Said Chris.

“Well I hope so. I didn’t think of it at the time so I didn’t secure the sample. It wouldn’t be admissible in court but I don’t think this is going to court.” I said.

“You know who did it?” said Chris.

“Fuck no. But I’ve got a feel for the shape of the thing. I think I know where it’s going.”


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