The Social Worker

The start of this story is here.

So I didn’t get to go back to the Lab with Chris Elsewhere and Mycroft. I got a call from someone wanting to talk about the Dingo. It turned out to be from the older woman I remembered taking extra care of my card when I visited the Dingo’s team.

In accordance with Department policy I wont use her real name. I did think of generating a code name but since she’s confirmed that she is the other worker mentioned in the Dingo Blog  I’ll call her E.

She didn’t want to meet in a coffee shop and she didn’t want me to come to her office so we ended up meeting in the grave yard of Saint Nick’s Kirk. Yes Saint Nick is big in the ‘Deen. Why do you ask?

When I found her in the kirk-yard she was staring up at the ragged hole of the broken window in the side of Saint Nick’s tower. I said hello and she gave me a pained look and just nodded in return and went back to her staring.

“You’re not sure you’re doing the right thing by talking to me?” I said.

“I cannae get her into any more trouble.” She said.

“More?” I said.

“Did she kill herself?” She said.

Ah, that made sense. “No. We’re absolutely sure she was murdered.” I said.

She slumped a little at the passing of an unseen tension.

“Do you want to come and sit down.” I said. She nodded and I led her to one of the benches.

“I was so worried.” She said.

“Tell me all about it.” I said.

“I think she was sick.” She said.

I remembered Mick saying something similar.

“Sick how?” I said.

“She was never happy leaving kids with their ain parents.” She said.

“So she looked for people who should have their kids taken into care?” I said.

“No. She looked for excuses to put the children who came her way into care. She would sabotage the parents so they couldn’t care for the children. She wouldn’t tell parents about help that they or their children should be getting. Once she got the children away from the parents she would delay and procrastinate and stall for time and try to stop the parents doing anything that might bring their children back.” She said.

“So how did you get her into trouble?” I said.

“She was always on the lookout for people to work with her on assessments. There’s a lot that need two workers to carry them out. No one ever wanted to work with her because she would just ignore anything that didn’t fit in with her plans. I got roped into doing a parental assessment with her and I thought it went well. I was expecting the mother to get her child back. I was expecting to get called to a hearing to support a positive report but I didn’t hear anything till the Mother grabbed me in the street and started screaming at me.

“That bloody woman had written the report to suggest that the mother was abusing her son then signed my name to it and submitted it to a hearing. She even intercepted my invitation to the hearing and sent in apologies on my behalf.

“That was the last straw. I put in a formal complaint to the head of the department and I wrote to the Children’s Reporter. The mother was going to sue. She was in a lot of trouble. I even overheard one of our bosses saying that she was lucky to have died before things got really nasty.” She said.

I left her in the graveyard and headed home. The rest of the case would wait till tomorrow. I had a sudden urge to be with my own kids.


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