A closer look.

The start of this story is here.

There were seven balls of paper inside the first sock and a few minutes work was enough to flatten them out. Six of them were pieces torn from from larger printed pages. It was too early to tell if they were all from the same sheet or not. Time, wear and damp had faded out the letters and made them hard to read. I bagged each one for the document lab.

The seventh piece had been torn from a hand written diary. It looked like the Dingo’s handwriting. Chris took a photo of the page with his yPhone.

The other two socks each contained seven balls of paper but none were large enough to hold much information alone. I’d have to wait and see if the specialists could piece them together.

Now that the doll was empty I turned it inside out and examined the cut edges and the construction.

“Well?” Said Detective Jayne.

“It’s definitely meant to be the Dingo and I’m pretty sure this thing was put together by a child.” I said.

“What?” Said Chris.

“How can you be sure?” Said Detective Jayne

“Well I’m sure it’s the Dingo because it’s got her name on it.” I showed them where I’d found the scribbled name on the inside of the doll.

“I think it was a kid mainly because whoever made it had to cut the cloth with blunt scissors and then glue rather than stitch the doll together. And the hand-writing is pretty bad.” I said.

“Do you really think that the doll could have been used as a murder weapon?” said Detective Jayne

I’d been dreading that question.

“This is a bit of a gray area. People have been killed by curses but only if they know about the curse. It’s the fear that does for them not the curse. A poppet could work by the same principal but only on someone who believed in the power of the poppet. There are stories from history of European Witches using a poppet to inflict illness but those are probably just scapegoating a societal outsider to ease the fear of disease. My instinct is that the doll could have been used to draw her to the building but that’s about it. I don’t think chucking the doll out of the window would have forced her to follow and while you can use a poppet for a sending I don’t think you could send lethal injuries to someone without killing yourself in the process.”

“Sending?” Said Detective Jayne.

“Do you think we could file that under stuff you don’t need to know in order to do your job? Cause otherwise we could be here all night. If you’re really interested theres a thing I wrote for the department on the uses of poppets in the European Witchcraft Traditions that I could send you.”

She did not look happy. I hoped she didn’t think I was insulting her. There was a long pause. “Send it quick then.” She said.

“As soon as I get back to the office. Speaking of which I think it’s time I got Chris here back to a nice cosy lab.”


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