It’s the weekend. Time to break the fourth wall

It turns out my laptop is not covered by my gadget insuarance because, although I bought it new from a reputable small trader, I bought it via Ebay and that’s excluded in the terms of the policy.

The laptop is currently with the guys at techrescue who are trying to fix it or at least salvage the files.  They’re confident about the files but not so much about the fixing.  I’m not actually that fussed about the files because everything important was backed up through a combination of iCloud, Dropbox and Google Docs.

I’ve learned a few things from this mini-disaster that I’d like to share with you.

  1. Never place fluids between PlanetNiles and your laptop/netbook.
  2. If you spill liquid on your laptop switch it off and immediately pull the battery.
  3. Don’t insure your gadget with

Now I’d like to point you in the direction of the donation button to your right.  Please click on it and send me some money for my laptop.  Or don’t.  I don’t want to pressure you.  I just want to remind you that if I can’t fix or replace the laptop then I will have to stop writing the ongoing story.


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