Back to the Scene

The start of this arc is here.

The base of Saint Nick’s tower hadn’t changed much. It just looked slightly more dilapidated than it had.

The formal courtyard between the tower and the ancient Provosts House Museum was empty. On my previous visit I had avoided the courtyard. It was unprofessional of me but I hadn’t wanted to go near the drained ornamental pool that the dingo landed in.

Even on my return I hesitated to get close to that grim rectangle but we had to search the courtyard. Chris and Mycroft had no such qualms and went straight for the pool. Chris had folded his yphone back down to phone size and he held it as high as he could so Myroft could scan the scene.

I didn’t want to get any closer and I didn’t want to stand around doing nothing so I went to have a look at the raised flower beds that surrounded the steps and the ramps.

I hadn’t been looking for very long when I heard what sounded like Stephen Fry shouting. It took me a moment to remember that Mycroft was currently using his voice. I was about to go see what he was shouting about when I spotted something light beneath a shrub.

“Be with you in a minute.” I shouted. I slipped on a pair of surgical gloves pulled aside the metal barrier and reached into the undergrowth.

“We found the diary.” Shouted Chris.

I pulled the strange object out, half expecting it to be a lost hat or lone glove. It wasn’t.

“And I found a… Thing.” I shouted back.


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