Coffee and Exposition.

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Once again I was at the Coffee shop named for a Liverpudlian comedian with the view of Saint Nick’s Tower. I got the coffees in while Chris grabbed a table and set Mycroft up on a stand.

I brought the tray back to the table and put my stick and bag down on the windowsill. Chris immediately grabbed the stick and held it in front of Mycroft.

“Nope. Nothing.” Said Mycroft.

I grabbed for the stick. “Quit messing with it.” I said.

“Ooh. Now it is.” Said Mycroft

“What?” I said. Letting go of the stick in my confusion.

“And it’s gone again.” Said Mycroft.

“What is?” I said.

“Mycroft is using a new app that detects fictions.” Said Chris.

“Can you touch it again?” Said Mycroft.

I grabbed it and put it back on the windowsill.

“It seems that it’s only fictionally active when you’re touching it.” Said Mycroft.

“Ah.” I said.

“Right time to spill. What’s up with the stick.” Said Chris.

“Well the stick is kind of an accident and I’m not sure what it does. I’m not even sure it does anything. It’s the Stick o’ Doom.” I said.

“Of Doom?” Said Chris.

“O’ Doom, usually.” I said.

“How?” Said Chris.

“You ever hear of NaNoWriMo?” I said.

“That thing where people write a novel in November?” Said Chris.

“Yeah, that thing. I run the ‘Deen group. Sometimes, when people are blocked or lacking motivation and they’re behind with their word count I threaten to come round and stand behind them prodding them with my walking stick until they write. I’m not sure how it began but people started calling it the Stick o’ Doom. It became a bit of a thing on the website. The old hands wind up the newbies about it and the I have to explain. I never thought anything of it before now but I really should have. I mean for 30 days every year a bunch of writers believe in it.”

There was a long pause while Chris and Mycroft thought about it and I drank my coffee.

“So why is it only active when you’re touching it?” Said Mycroft.

“Well I’ve always had more than one walking stick and the Stick o’ Doom is whichever one I’m actually using so I suppose it only works while I’m holding it. Still doesn’t help us work out what it does.” I said.

“We can deal with that later.” Said Chris. “I’m actually more interested in what happened with the Hob and why you didn’t tell me about them before.”

“Because I didn’t know. I worked it out while we were there. I didn’t know there were any lesser Fae in Aberdeen. I’m still not sure why they object to the word Goblin and I suspect I pre-remembered the word Hob.” I said.

“Pre-remembered?” Said Chris.

“I come from one of the old witch families. We’re all story-tellers and we have amazing memories. We can remember just about anything we’ve heard or read if we need to but there’s a catch. When you really need to remember something you don’t have much time to think about it. We can remember anything we’ve read or heard but not where we’ve read or heard it. And if you don’t know where information comes from you don’t know how reliable it is. And just to confuse things further we’re all mild pre-cogs. So I can remember stuff I haven’t learned yet. It’s like the information just appears in your brain. I don’t like to rely on it. That’s why I read so much and I’m always on the hunt for primary sources.” I said.

“I think I’ve tracked down where you will read about the Hob.” Said Mycroft. “It might explain why they don’t like being called Goblins. Doesn’t say anything about a Hob Mafia though.”

There was a beep from my yPhone. Mycroft had sent the whole thing to me. One look and I could see this was the stuff.


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