Bright and early Monday morning.

If you’re confused start here.

So it was Monday (not today) morning and instead of tracking down the one group that actually seemed to like the Dingo or searching for a back up of her diary so I could find out who she was meeting on the day of her death I was having an argument in London.

I’d been summoned to the DEAMA building in Whitehall because my boss, Agent Alex, needed to speak to me and for some reason wasn’t in her office in the Archives. When I got there I found out why she wasn’t in her office. The back of the DEAMA building overlooks Horse Guards Parade and from the upper floors you could watch the Olympic Beach Volleyball.

This is the building where the field teams are based whenever they’re not out hunting down dangers to the very fabric of reality. Except for when there’s attractive scantily clad sports-persons about. There were so many people crowded round the back windows on the upper floors that I found myself worrying that the building might topple over.

Alex already had the DRG report and my own report from the weekend and I knew she would have read them. She’s a woman who can’t stand not knowing things. She’d commandeered a meeting room on the top floor which meant we had a window each. Which was very nice. But we would have had a much better view just by firing up a computer and watching it on the BBC website.

“So who are you going to take with you?” Said Alex.

“I don’t remember deciding to take anyone or deciding to do the visit first. What if I want to track down the diary.” I said.

“You’re going to prioritise hunting down a diary that may not even exist over hunting down people who may move on if you delay too long? I don’t think so.” Said Alex.

“Then who says I’m taking anyone?” I said.

“You really want to go alone? You want to walk into an unknown, potentially volatile situation, with no real authority and no back up?” She said.

“Well when you put it like that…” I thought for a bit. “I did think of taking Detective Jayne with me but that might just put their backs up.” I said.

“I see your point. You could take Sorrow with you. She’s not currently busy and don’t you got to the same church?” Said Alex.

“Go to the same church? I don’t even… I’m not getting into this argument right now. Don’t you think it’s a bit over the top to send in someone who could kill everyone on the street without breaking a sweat?” I said. I have no idea if she thought that ‘going to the same church’ was funny or if that was a genuine attempt to link me to a woman who is the living embodiment of a pagan Goddess who pretty much kidnapped my husband for six months. Now Sorrow is not responsible for that and she even tried to apologise. I don’t even blame the Goddess in question. But Sorrow and I do not ‘go to the same church’ she’s a human church to a war Goddess and I’m a Unitarian.


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