Save Cutty’s Laptop

So this week Planetniles spilled beer on my laptop.  You know the thing I write all my stuff on.  Don’t worry it is insured so it will get fixed or replaced but either way the insurance excess is £75.

I don’t have £75.  Neither does Planet Niles.  However if 75 of you have £1 then I can continue to write.  Assuming don’t find some way to weasel out of fixing it.

So if you all can find it in your hearts to click the new donate button in the sidebar or below and send me a small amount of money I will be able to continue entertaining you.  If you don’t then when the keyboard of this knackered, old, borrowed laptop dies then so will this blog.


4 thoughts on “Save Cutty’s Laptop

  1. planetniles

    She’s currently using my laptop, which is a hunk of junk in comparison to hers. Also this leaves me without my “writing irons” as it were.

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