The Scene of the Crime

The first rule of field work, or so I’m told, is never take anything for granted. So I have to go take a closer look at a building that I thought I knew pretty well. Of course it was never a crime scene to me before.

Saint Nick’s tower is a slab of ugly in the middle of one of Scotland’s finer city centres. The people hated it when it was first planned in 1961, they hated it when the work started in 1965, they hated it even more when it was finished in 1968. They hated it every single day since. The only things that were ever popular about it were the view from the top and the news that it was to be demolished.

And here we have the first mystery. What was anyone doing inside the building at 17:54? The building was being demolished. Aside from the various contractors no-one was supposed to be there and they’d all left by that time.

At first I assumed the building was linked to the victim but a quick check showed that the deceased never worked there. She worked for the city council right enough but never in that building.

I’m wondering if the building has any significance. It has an air of ill-omen about it. It casts long brutal shadows over much older and better loved buildings. Was she a sacrifice of some kind and if so to what and why?

Or was the murder entirely mundane? Was some crazy actually fond enough of the building to try and delay the demolition?

And the biggest question of all. What was our victim, who according to her diary should have been doing a home visit a mile and a half away, doing there at all.

And this is where I have to be careful. If I’m not I’ll end up deciding that the deceased was a victim of a cult trying to raise Cthulhu in the middle of the ‘Deen by using a blood sacrifice to empower supernaturally bad modernist architecture. And then the next thing you know there’s a cordon around Cumbernauld Town Centre.

Anyway. Now I’ve got to go investigate it.


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