New Job; Same as the Old Job

I’m back at my desk after a few weeks off. I’m off fieldwork for good now, failing a massive eschatology event. I’m attached to Team Camelot. Or detached, depending upon which narrative path I take. I could have stayed in fieldwork, taken a raise in pay as a Paragon and spent the rest of my short life as a professional god-slayer. But no matter how cool being a government super-hero/assassin sounds on paper it would have technically put me in the same line of work as Officer Dee and I don’t need that.

Caladmae’r and Arthur’s Scabbard are both safely secured in the Vaults Major, along with Caladcholg and the rest of the Caladbullic. Yes Caladmae’r could be in my hands a few moments after I summoned it but I have no desire to hate anything enough to cut it from the world. Nor do I wish to sheath it in a scabbard that makes me unkillable. While unkillable is good, these things always extract a price, if not from you then from those around you. The rule is, as my Dragon friends explained, that to give a life you must take a life. Every time the bearer of Arthur’s Scabbard shrugs off what should be a fatal blow then, in principle, someone somewhere has died to make it possible. Mix those two things and you get the general head-fuck of being invulnerable while being able to literally remove things that annoy you from reality and you are well on the way to becoming a problem rather than a solution.

So here I am, senior officer in charge of the Vaults Minor. I’m still in the DEAMA building, for now, but I have my own office. It’s nice and cosy and ultra modern. I get to send out field teams to recover artefacts and I get to assign artefacts to officers for specific tasks. Yes I’m technically a glorified curator but that floats my boat very nicely, thank you.

If any of you are having mental images of Warehouse, 13, 23 or that place in the Indiana Jones movies then think again. Firstly it’s not some vast room filled with stuff. It’s a series of small chambers, literally vaults. The artefacts in the Vaults Minor aren’t directly dangerous; those go the Vaults Major. I deal with the stuff that’s only dangerous if you’re a moron when you use it. I also don’t have a dedicated team of field officers at my beck and call.

This is how it works: I get a report of an artefact that we want or has been located. I use the DEAMA database to find, or assign, an active team with the appropriate skill sets. They go get the artefact, return it to me and then I, uh, the archivists under me, put it on the database.

Conversely if an artefact is requested from the vaults a field officer, or more usually their superior, will put in a requisition request. We process it and send them the artefact in question. Once they’re done with it then it is returned.

In both cases I get to read the field report from the debriefing. If I get any that are fun, interesting and sharable then you’ll be able to read it here.

Until then it’s TTFN.


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