Gentle reader, it is with great regret that I write this entry. I suggest that you find a seat and perhaps something to steady your nerves before proceeding further.Yesterday, at 16:12 GMT your regular correspondent, Mr “Planet” Niles Calder fell in battle against the entity colloquially known as the Slender Man.

The preceding day Team Remiel had been out on an investigation, the nature of which remains classified at this time. At some point they encountered the entity and team members “Hermione” and “Icarus” were injured. Ms Franklin, their team leader, requested a medical evacuation. Due to their distance from any of the nodes of JW’s Cocktail Bar this evacuation had to be carried out by helicopter.

I happened to be visiting Slender Falls when the call came in and so I joined Mr Calder up at the landing pad. It became quite obvious upon their arrival that “Icarus” had sustained a concussion while Ms “Hermione” had a crushed lung, broken ribs and was bleeding into the abdominal cavity. We loaded them into the two long wheelbase land rovers that we had driven up in, as they are the only vehicles we have that can negotiate the snow with any reliability. I travelled with Ms “Hermione” and Mr Calder joined “Icarus” in the second vehicle.

We had barely put the vehicles into motion when the Slender Man appeared at the tree line and started moving towards us, obviously intent on finishing what it had started. As we drove over the bridge that crosses the crevasse where the water fall flows from and marks the limit of the threshold wards Mr Calder created, Mr Calder stepped from the car and challenged the entity.

I heard him say “Your name’s not down and you’re not coming in” has he drew the sword Caladcholg from inside his coat pocket. At this point the rear land rover stopped on the bridge while the lead vehicle containing Ms “Hermione” and myself drove on.

I later learned what had come to pass from the land rover’s driver.

By the time Mr Calder had drawn his sword the entity was in the middle of the bridge. Mr Calder used the sword’s “Wave Effect” power, a ribbon of rainbow light that trails from the sword and can cut through any known matter. In this case Mr Calder cut the centre of the bridge out, and the entity with it. Sending both to be washed over the falls and into the deep cavern that descends like a well into the earth. The “Wave Effect” even cut into the side of the crevasse. Unfortunately the steel structure of the bridge was seriously compromised by the loss of its middle third and it began to come away from both sides of the crevasse. Mr Calder attempted to return to his vehicle but before he could make it inky black pseudopodia lashed their way out of the crevasse and wrapped themselves around his right ankle, pulling him from his feet. As he was dragged back towards the edge of the bridge the driver heard Mr Calder cry out “Drive you fool!” before vanishing over the edge and into the rushing waters of the crevasse. The land rover was barely off the bridge before it too crashed down and was swept into the depths of the caverns below.

There are reports of green flashes of light in the cavern well for a few moments following this but I was too busy fighting for Ms “Hermione’s” life to have seen them personally.

Later investigation found only the shattered steelwork of the bridge at the bottom of the well, while Caladcholg was found embedded in a boulder in the crevasse. The sword resists all attempts to remove it from it’s stony sheath so it has been decided to take place the boulder in the centre of Slender Falls as a memorial to the late Mr Calder.

Officially Mr Calder is recorded as Missing In Action but given the ambient temperature of the water and the depth which he fell, even if he survived the fall; which in itself is highly unlikely, he could have survived no more than 5 minutes immersion. I regret that it is unlikely that we will be able to recover his remains. However we may attempt to do so come the spring.

For the time being I will be acting mayor of Slender Falls until a more suitable replacement can be found. I will attempt to maintain Mr Calder’s tradition of reportage but I can make no promises to that effect.

It only leaves me to say that Mr Calder was a good friend and colleague. He was driven by his strong sense of social justice and moral imperative. He made many sacrifices for Queen, country and world, nearly losing his life, mind and soul on many occasions. He will be sorely missed. He leaves behind a wife and two children to carry his legacy.


One thought on “Requiem

  1. cuttydarke

    Probably I should have written something about this myself but I’m sure you’ll understand if I don’t. This is just too big and too horrible to talk about yet.

    But I will talk about it.

    There will be a reckoning.

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