So yes last night was, well you know. Every year we arm ourselves up to the gills just in case some one or some thing tries something and every year nothing happens. Even His Holiness the Dalai Lama releases his catalog with a promise that even the most complex orders will arrive by October 30th.

Walpurgis Night, however, there’s always something going down.

So Halloween is the night we at the department get to be ourselves. JW’s closes its doors and puts a sign up saying it’s for a private function, and we all turn up. Not in costume, as such. We go as we really are. Of course this being the department we still all end up looking like a fancy dress party.

Cepha was wearing nothing but foliage and a smile again, while Dr P had gone without his make up and stuck some plastic bolt-heads onto the side of his neck.  But some people had really pushed the boat out this year. Sorrow was dressed as an ‘ancient celtic warrior’, as envisioned by some fantasy artist; lots of chain mail and leather. She was dancing with some one dressed as a 1930 gangster. It took me a few moments to realise it was her boyfriend from the SIS whom we like to call “Dee”. I later learned he was dressed as a “Hit Man”. Usually he just wears a tux and drinks vodka Martinis with a sardonic quip and an olive. But the two of them were having fun. Sorrow later told me that she tried to get him to dress as the character from the Assassin’s Creed computer games but he didn’t know who that was. Ah to think that the officers in her majesty’s secret intelligence service have even less of a life than we do.

Hellion had dressed as a very punky super hero. Indeed a lot like the character I’d created with her codename while playing champions online… oh dear. Moving on. Hermione was dressed… well she was dressed as Hermione from Harry Potter. She and Icarus slipped off together when things started to get quiet. That would be a problem I have to deal with.

Cutty couldn’t get a baby sitter so couldn’t come. I wore a white nehru suit and carried Mr Fluffles, the plush fluffy white cat that Cutty left me as a get well soon present. Dee gave me a funny look when he saw me but we had a laugh about it later. That man scares me.

So basically a good time was had by all and I only scratched the surface when it comes to the attendees.

Now if you excuse me I have to hunt down Hermione and Icarus to give them The Talk. Joy.


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