Slender Falls updates

Judge left Team Remiel before they came over to join me here in Slender Falls.

The whole team had gone undercover investigating possible Slendercult activity in the UK. Well the whole team minus Brother Luke and I. I have absolutely no aptitude for that espionage bollocks while Brother Luke refused to do what he felt was “underhanded Inquisitor work”. Activity was uncovered, some of it cult related but we had next to no Slendercult activity.

Judge managed to somehow lose Hermione and Icarus while they were undercover and Brother Luke had to lead a Cestus Dei raid  to recover them. Judge quit the team over some point of honour. So the team were sent over to join me as the colonies are where all the entity activity can be found. It was also seen as something of an acid test to see if Hermione and Icarus had been turned. No they hadn’t. Dictionary had said as much but evidently whomever ran their debrief felt it pertinent to push things. I’m a little pissed off about that, can you tell?

Anyway my team is now indeed My team. As the team’s senior officer I’m in charge. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Although my seizures are still with me they’re less frequent. Which is odd. I thought playing mayor for some town in the back of beyond would be stressful but apparently not.

Anyway we now have 89 guests. Nobody ‘famous’. So we’re still small. It’s now falling below zero here so cold weather gear is de rigueur. We only need the linings when it gets into double-digit negatives or if we’re planning on spending a lot of time out in the cold. Dr P managed to gather a mix of cold weather gear which we’ve been handing out to our guests.

We also now have a bar. JW’s parked itself in a vacant building beside Runner’s Fill. The down side is it violates freaking security. The wards are there for a reason and having JW’s here messes with that. On the plus side JW’s has it’s own security which given the presence of Rodney is probably better than my wards. On the plus side we can always use it as an escaped route in the worst case scenario. The Proprietor said that he and his staff are to be considered on call by us as and when the need arises. He also said we could use JW’s to rescue more runners. He said JW’s will move more of its doorways through the Americas and hopefully be more likely to pick up runners that way. Those are promises I intend to take to the bank.


3 thoughts on “Slender Falls updates

  1. Red Depths

    In reading these, I’m not sure what’s real anymore… I… I think I saw Slenderman once, but I’m not sure… my friends say these are bogus, but I’m gullible to a fault, and I’ve seen some weird shit. So now I’m spilling my guts to someone I don’t know. Please, tell me truthfully: Is this stuff real? I’m only interested in the truth, mostly because it seems outside of my grasp…

      1. planetniles

        The Truth is… ours is a world, a whole multiverse, where the power of narrative rules. Where power comes from being fictional, but where fictional things also exist; are “real”.

        So you ask me if the entity is real. I’ve seen the entity. I’ve shot it with bullets that shouldn’t exist while fighting for my life in the Canadian Rockies. You ask me if YOU have seen the entity. Well I don’t know.

        But I do know that there’s a difference between what goes on inside your head and what exists out in the real world. Unless, of course, you have the talent or skill to project your Will out into the world. That we call Magic, or Magick, or Witchcraft or a hundred other terms with a variety of different spellings. Such a talent or skill can be dangerous if improperly used. If you believe you have it then seek reputable training.

        If you truly fear you are being stalked by the entity then come seek us. Because only those who are really being stalked by the Slenderman can find Slender Falls. One is as real as the other.

        Oh I nearly forgot. The Meta section is there because the ultimate and most plausible form of deniability is to say “it’s just a story”, or in the words of the Great Dramaturge himself…

        If we shadows have offended,
        think but this, and all is mended:
        that you have but slumbered here,
        whilst these visions did appear.
        And this weak and idle theme,
        no more yielding than a dream.
        Gentles, do not reprehend–
        if you pardon, we will mend.

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