Comings, Goings and Thanksgivings at Slender Falls

Morning everyone. Team Remiel arrived Saturday morning and Dr Promethean departed.

I didn’t get a plush cat even though it was my birthday on Friday. However my promotion is now official. I’m now a Senior Officer, in charge of the Slender Falls facility.

Yes you read that correctly. The facility is at the former town of Slender Falls. The natural feature I mentioned previously is a narrow waterfall that emerges from a spring on the top of the cliff and  plunges into a natural sink-hole cave at its bottom. It’s quite beautiful.

Dr Promethean chose the site as it ticked all his boxes. Namely it was available and has a natural spirit well. The geography and suggestive name are just bonuses.

We now have 16 guests who have arrived in groups of one to three since Saturday morning. We also had one person arrive at the wards and then depart, at high speed. Her friends were distressed but I’m guessing that the wards hit her for some reason. Since the name of the facility is above the gate and the ‘rejected’ guest had ample opportunity to read it I thought keeping it secret any longer would be a waste of time.

None of the guests claims to be well known and about two thirds aren’t even aware of the slenderblogs.

Oh I’m told that it’s thanksgiving today and so we have to celebrate it. Roast suppers, one main one and a later one for staff working during the first.

Mrs Eddie is organising it. I forgot to mention Eddie’s family in any detail. Mrs Eddie is a nice normal woman. Her stepson, Eddie Junior, is actually his father’s biological son. His mother was evidently Sidhe. He’s probably several times my elder. If only he’d act it. Eddie Junior’s friend ‘Jake’ is with us. Jake is the sort of young man who sheds on the rug, if you get my drift. I swear that there’s a serious bromance going on between Eddie Junior and Jake. I sometimes wish they’d just get a room.


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