Canada Trip 1

Sorry I haven’t reported in yet but things have been hectic.

Well we arrived safely. Barely touched down in Calgary. Didn’t even see the inside of the airport terminal. We touched down, taxied to a hanger, got out of the jet and was met by a Chinook. A car with customs people arrived, checked our diplomatic papers were in order and then left. Once we’d transferred everything over to the Chinook, that took an hour, we set off to our new facility.

I can’t yet give you the name of where we are, but most of you will like it when I do. Nor can I show you any images of it. That’s a real shame because it’s utterly beautiful. I giggled and rubbed my hands together with glee when I saw it from the air. It really is something

However I can tell you it’s a small town now wholly owned by Doctor Promethean on behalf of the department.

The main road through the facility runs north west to south east and joined Highway 3 at each end. I say “Joined” as things are a little obtuse here now. There’s a second road that runs down from the ridge to the north of the town past the natural feature that gives the town it’s name and then crosses the main road before ending up at the old mining facility south west of town. We’ve encircled the perimeter of the town with good old five meter high security fencing topped with razor wire and a second ring five meters inside the first. Just outside we have the spoil heaps, helicopter pad and the woods. Nice deep dark woods. I plan to go on a picnic stroll through them when I have the time.

I know every inch of the perimeter as I’ve walked it while laying down the wards. Largest wards I’ve ever created. I better lay down the rules so you understand. It may save your life later. Or end it. You know who you are. So yes here are the important clauses.

  • Nothing malign can enter.
    I have a strong sense for Evil, I kid you not. It’s not a super power or anything I just know it when it’s around. So anything I would recognise as Evil is rejected. That includes Operator Sigils. I’ll explain why some other time.
  • Nothing may enter that intends harm to anyone or thing within. 
    As above but even good people can intend harm to others without becoming evil. They’d be rejected too.
  • No one may enter under duress.
    The town is intended to be a refuge for any runners and fighters out there who seek it. One cannot be forced to seek refuge. One must seek it willingly.
  • Only those who should find [it], can.
    This is more me working with the spirit well than anything else. I’ve extended its influence and now if someone who shouldn’t come here approaches they will be deflected. Even if someone drives down the old main road they’ll find themselves driving back onto Highway 3 without even seeing the perimeter. That’s what I mean by “obtuse”. However someone with the right mystical senses will be able to find their way through, hence the proceeding clauses.

I’ll give you a guided tour later as I have some more things to do.



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