The Best Laid Schemes

“… o’ Mice an’ Men, Gang aft agley,”

So I’m not in Canada and I’ve not been to Canada. We were on our way to the Silver Cross for lunch the Monday I posted the report regarding that Friday meeting when I got a text message from Cutty and a call from HQ. Cutty had collapsed and was now in an ambulance on her way to hospital. They didn’t know what was wrong but it looked like it might be her heart.

Well I dropped everything and rushed to the medical facilities at HQ. It turned out it was Tachycardia and not particularly serious. After a few days observation she was released and sent home. Unfortunately I had a massive seizure each day she was in, which left me unable to work or even look after myself properly. I even managed to get robbed during one seizure, losing much of Cutty’s personal electronic equipment in the process.

The whole plan regarding Canada was sent into disarray.

Thankfully we’re both much better now.

Which brings me to Whitby and Westernra House where I’m sitting listening to Hawkwind.

No that isn’t a non sequitur. I’m currently sitting in Westernra House in Whitby, with Agent Mina and half a dozen of the scariest men I’ve ever met. I know I say that a lot but these eastern European guys are killers, stone cold highly trained killers. Maneaters. Predators. Guilty of a sin that makes my moment of weakness pale into insignificance.

They’re Dragons.

No not scaly fire-breathers. There’s only one actual dragon left as far as we know, Westbourne, who dwells in The Under.

These are the Knights of the Order of the Dragon. I can’t tell you more than that because much of it is still classified. Do some original research for a change and make up your own minds.

Our host I’m calling Lord Westernra. He is the current leader of the Knights as he’s the highest ranked survivor of the order as well as Agent Mina’s uncle. Westernra worked with me in the archives although he also spends a lot of time over at Kew branch as he’s a very talented alchemist. Then there’s Brother Gabriel, a knight who works for Cestus Dei. The other three knights are Eddie, Jasper and Archer. Those are all nicknames. While the knights are technically independent Mina and Westernra are both Department employees while also being the leaders of the order so when the Department politely asks the Knights for help they help us.

You see these Knights are coming with me to Canada. Team Justice are now otherwise engaged. Eddie says his wife and son will be meeting us in Canada; he’s been living in British Columbia for longer than I’ve been alive and has sort of gone native. By son I’m guessing he means adoptive as dragons can’t breed with mere mortals.

Oh here’s our ride landing out on the back lawn. A quick hop to Leeds International and then a 9 hour flight to Calgary on a chartered jet. Then we’ve another helicopter flight to our destination.

Got to go. TTFN.


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