Friday’s Meeting

We had a meeting on Friday regarding Doctor Promethean’s new project over in British Columbia. I had been asked to design sigils with which to ward it. The wards are an important, perhaps critical, part of the project. However my talents are somewhat limited by my own creativity. That is to say I can’t wrap my head around creating wards for a place I’ve only seen in (sadly classified) pictures. I’ve sent some basic ward sigils over but to get a proper working done I’m going to have to go myself, via Air-Shamballa alas.

My other contribution to the meeting was to mention a Mary-Sue asshat calling himself Thuggee when I was asked of news of what was going on in the colonies. We all laughed at my extended diatribe with the whole of Team Justice offering their services in kicking Thuggee into Tuesday week.

I was just a mite concerned. Thuggee’s alleged power levels are so far into Paragon territory I couldn’t picture any of our officers being a 1:1 match. Jude pointed out that just because he mostly cuts things with his sword cane and teleports doesn’t mean that was the limit of his abilities. As he spoke his eyes clouded black and an writhing aura of darkness surrounded him. Then he sat back in his chair and it was gone. Sorrow laughed and told me that while she is a Raven of the Morrigan, the dark mother goes by many many other names. “Ah, like Kali?” I asked. Sorrow smiled in a way that made my blood run cold. Agent Alex slid a glass of water down the table to me and it was solid before it reached me. Now I know why they call her “Ice Cold Alex”. The fact that the glass then accelerated off the end of the table and smashed against the far wall is something to consider too. I looked to Phoenix expecting her to demonstrate some as yet unrevealed ability. She shrugged. “I just burn things” she said.


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