In the Vaults Minor

That’s where I’ve been for the last week or so.

I commented elsewhere that I was so upset that I couldn’t directly help those whose blogs I’m tracking I felt like going down to the Vaults Minor and rooting out something useful against the entity. Hairy scary Agent Gideon turned up and suggested that was a good idea and that I could go down there in the morning and have a good look around. Oh and while I was down there would I “be so kind as to catalog the contents”.


The Vaults Minor have been in chaos even before that weird celebrity cult around the late Princes Diana bombed the building a few years back (looong story). I thought I was going to be down there for, absolutely, ever but the very first thing I found was John Dee’s Shew Stone by the door (in a shoe box; Jimmy Choo, size 44). Oh Chaos Monkey we love you. That helped me scry the entire contents in the space of the week.  I roped in some junior officers to do the secretarial stuff and got it all done in record time. Well we finished Friday.

I found a plethora of things, including another crystal ball; this one a little over a foot across which only shows through it a pair of burning hands, apparently grasping the stone’s exterior. There are many swords including Caladcholg (which should either be transfered to the Vaults Major to sit with Caledfwlch, or into my personal care), Bram, and Egeking. As well as a functioning Aperture Science  Portal Gun (WTF? And absolute HOURS of fun), a sealed black box labelled CRM 114 (still awaiting authorisation to unseal it), the Ring of Gyges (which is bigger than I thought it would be) and a crate of Hell Icons. To name but a tiny number of things.

In other news I have a hole in my pocket.

Now if you excuse me I have some sigils to design for Dr P.


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