Uh Oh, I’m in Trouble

So I was doing my job when I read about one of the entity’s cultists stateside slaughtering a bunch of FBI agents. It was on the cultists own blog, here.

I was a little upset by the wasteful loss of life and the way I feel that our Amercian cousins have been not been giving the situation with the entity the attention it it deserves. I made a comment to that effect and it must have slipped past the censors. Specifically I was angry that the [REDACTED] had used the FBI to do the grunt work. If they had used their own resources, as we would have typically done, then no FBI agents would have been harmed and people would have been on hand to deal with the escape attempt that may have been able to prevent it and loss of life.

I spoke to Ursula, who had been the only [REDACTED] agent on the scene. She had been otherwise indisposed at the time of the escape and thus survived. Ursula was not happy with my critique and felt that I was being disrespectful to her late colleagues. I explained that that was not my intent.

We argued. Well she shouted and I had to put the phone to one side until she had calmed down, what with my sensitivity to loud noises. I apologised but I’m not entirely sure she accepted it.

If she complains officially, well I could be in as much trouble as Icarus was. Which would mean a demotion at the very least. It could certainly wreck my chances of getting into the blue box clique.

Oh well. It’s not like I do this for the popularity. I do this because of my talents that put me in a place to make the world a better place. Sure it’s mostly maintaining the status quo (or Status-Q as scary whisky-breathed Agent Gideon calls it) but I’m sure in time things will improve globally. Fingers Crossed.

I just realised I am too drunk again to be writing this. TTFN; sleep tight and don’t let the Fears bite.


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