Research Historian

That’s what it says on the door.  Maybe it should say Professional Wonderer because that’s what I really do.  It’s my job to wonder about stuff.  Like how long exactly has the Department been around?  How many Jack the Rippers are there?  What are the crown jewels for?  Your taxes at work.

Really I should have been doing the donkey work on this blog but first instead I’ve been down in the archives searching for pre-Internet sightings of [REDACTED].  There’s very little to report.  I suspect that if the entity existed before the Internet it manifested differently.  There’s plenty that look like our entity but don’t act like it.  The superstition that some things shouldn’t be spoken of or looked at is a very old one but I can’t find anything more specific.

No sooner had I got out of the archives then AA had me explaining the department position on the London Riots to the suits in Whitehall.

That was a pain in the bum.  The department position can be best summarised as “Meh.  Call us when it’s the end of the world.”

The Whitehall position can be best summarised as.”ARRGGH!  IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD.”

I’ve spent 2 weeks taking various suits through the history of London paying particular attention to the numerous outbreaks of random violence, rioting, football hooliganism, public executions, outright warfare, and the Bartholomew Fare.

Terrible and shocking as this latest rioting is for the people on the ground from a Historian’s point of view this is just the latest batch of Londoners doing what Londoners always do.

It did not go down well.  In the end I was forced to come up with some bullshit about an upwelling of rage from the Under.  I told them we had a team on it already and they were liaising with Bran and his Ravens.  I sent some ale down to Bran by way of apology.  I don’t like to take his name in vain.  I got a message back by feral raven.  It said “Bloody Politicians”.


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