The Window is Closed

I have returned!

Slightly tanned and with a few more pounds around the waist.
I had a nice enough hols. Not going to say where we’ve been…  well not in detail.

Had a little bit of an “oh shit” moment when my daughter told me she was scared that “the Silence” would get her. I asked her if she’d seen the Silence in real life and she told me I was being “silleh”. I smiled and told her she had nothing to fear then. Oh Slendercultists; if you even think about going after my family I have authorisation to unleash Team Justicar on your arses. Ask your friends about the scary woman who dropped out of the sky when they were chasing Icarus. She’s a quarter of the Justicars. They’re all as scary as her.

So anyway the Slendetector; they have perfected it. It was added it to the Wibbly Woo app on our yPhones. I was playing with it while on holiday. I got a Ding while at wandering around the grounds of Waddesdon Manor but couldn’t get a lock on a precise location. I also got a SMS message from my supervisor telling me to stop playing and enjoy my holiday. Waddesdon was closed a few days later. My team were there poking around.

I also found a “Ding” on my personal phone. It was a picture from the May storms in Scotland. I’d been walking around the edge of a park when the crown of a tree crashed down on the footpath ahead of me. I snapped that photo because I knew nobody would believe me. The image was clear at the time but when I looked again more recently I noticed the blurring and the figure on the right hand side. So I posted it here so that Team Remiel could get it. Instead, as Cutty pointed out, just bluetoothing it across to the yPhone.

Looks like the entity is trying to fuck with my personal timeline. Like we don’t already have precautions against that already in place. This isn’t our first dance.

Anyway I’ve some briefings to go to.



2 thoughts on “The Window is Closed

    1. planetniles

      From what I understand the entity has a “unique electromagnetic and radiological signature”. Once you know what you’re looking for it’s relatively easy to tune an EMS sensor array to those frequencies. Or so I’m told.
      The yPhone has a built in sensor array, although it needs specialised probes for chemical and biological detection. But those link in through something a bit like bluetooth. We call the app that controls the sensor “Widdly Woo” because of all the hand held scanners that you see on the TV shows. They all seem to make a widdly woo noise when used, hence the name. Ours just “…go ding when there’s stuff”.

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