New Toys

I got into work this morning to a large parcel from requisitions and a voice mail from one Bernadette Franklin. She’s my liason with our American cousins. I’m going to call her “Ursula”.

Ursula claims that the [Redacted] have no knowledge of the entity. I’m planning to phone her back this afternoon and ask her why.

The package is a great sword. I don’t recall ordering it but it’s sharpened with cold forged iron and silver alloyed into the blade.

Oh and His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s new catalog just arrived. I’m ordering a box of the monopole rounds for my Five-seveN. Also one of those Deep-Pocket Coats so I can keep my new sword to hand.

Elsewhere dropped off something he knocked together based off of Dr Promethean’s research. He calls it a “Slendetector” and claims it is sensitive to the EM emissions put of by the entity. It’ll detect a puppeted proxie at 4 meters but hasn’t been tested against the entity itself. It’s the prototype so we’re to be careful.

Then we headed off to Worthing. There have been sightings of the entity down there so we have to investigate. I’ll write a report when there’s something to report.


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