Encounter 2


I was on my way home when a couple of figures charged up the street towards me, a man and a woman. I didn’t realise that they were masked until they were yelling my face. They were yelling and wearing plain white plastic face masks but their body language was not threatening. The man snatched my hat from my brow and started laughing at me.

“Give me back my [expletive deleted] hat” I said. They laughed again and suddenly knives flashed in their hands. Their body language was still not threatening but their long knives certainly were. I dropped slightly into a defensive stance and smiled. Of course the man had a slightly longer reach and so I sidestepped him as he got within reach, grabbed his wrist and twisted, turning with him so that he was between me and his lady friend. He gasped behind his mask as her blade slipped across his side leaving something slightly more than a scratch. At the same time I had his other wrist and twisted that, grinding the bones in both his forearms together. That, combined with the pain from the stab wound, brought him to his knees. I elbowed him in the t-zone and he went down. I put my hat back on my head.

The girl had dropped her knife and was giggling at the blood on her hands.

Not normal.

I reached out and removed her mask. She looked like nobody. Vaguely pretty, youngish, late teens early twenties certainly. She tried to grab the mask out of my hand but I backed away she sunk to the ground and curled up in a fetal ball. I called it in on my yPhone and waited for someone to turn up and pick them up. The guy’s wound was not serious; I did some basic first aid on him while I waited.

The police turned up after about half an hour so I had to flash them my department ID. That’s always amusing if they’ve never seen one before. I always have to resist the urge to get them to cluck like chickens for my amusement. Then, finally, a clean up crew arrived and took the two proxies off to be treated and then, if they’re unlucky, handed over to Dr Promethean.

Yes I’m still awake. It unnerved me. Although I’m highly skilled in the dreamlands and I have the same self defense training all department field officers have I don’t enjoy physical violence. I’m not one of these people who enjoy the training and the instincts that come of it. I don’t like weapons, although I’m fond of swords for reasons I won’t go into. Guns on the other hand make me feels sick. I can use them of course and I’m authorized to carry an FN Five-seveN on potential combat missions. Doesn’t mean I have to like it or use it.



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