A Visitation

So I was debriefed regarding the expedition into the Under that Team Remiel made. I was questioned about Judge’s leadership. I was honest; I thought he was second guessing himself too much. He delayed when the rest of the team were ready to act, but ultimately I felt he made the right choices. The decision to go to the White Tower was entirely his and a stroke of genius, although Thatch could still have attacked us. In the end we’d recovered Icarus as well as brought The Detective and Bran the Blessed on side.

Of course the day didn’t really get started until I got back to my desk. Well not my old desk in the archives, the new one at HQ. I bumped into Hellion, looking like she’d over done it on the vintage absinthe. She said “Hi”. Then I got back to work. I was catching up with the blogs relating to the entity when I had noticed that the room had gotten quite. Just as I looked up a voice whispered in my ear “You should tell him that the house always wins.” I looked down at the blog written by someone claiming to be the entity’s steward and then back at the woman standing behind me.

It was Cepha.

My boss.

It’s like the CEO of a global corporation coming down to the cube farm just to see one of the busy drones. Even more so as Cutty and I have stupid high clearance so that we can write novelised accounts of some of the Department’s cases. Let’s put this out there. I KNOW WHO SHE IS.

So I’m sitting there aghast as a literal goddess pulls up a chair and asks me how I am.

My mouth works silently for a few moments before I’m able to stammer out “Better now the seizures have passed.”
“How are you finding being back in the field?”
“I miss the archives. But…” how could I describe how I was feeling. “People are dying; the entity is killing people and if I went back to the archives now I’d be sitting there reading these blogs and people will still be dying. I might not be able to help directly right now but with time and more knowledge I can save lives.” She nodded.
“What do you need?”
“I need to send an FYI to our American cousins. There’s a black ops group over there enacting their own Morning Star Solution on the entity’s victims. I also feel that they need to form their own team to deal with the entity. Or whatever it is they do.”
“Okay I’ll make sure you get contact details for one of their officers.” she patted me on the shoulder and stood, this woman from the dawn of time. “Adam, Doctor Promethean, is down in requisitions trying to find a computer that will stand up to his unique electromagnetic aura.” she said. She chuckled and was gone.


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