Going Under (Under Expedition part 1)

I just spent the better part of a week down in the Under with the rest of Team Remiel. We got a call from Icarus saying he was following up leads to the entity and that we shouldn’t follow him. The call came from a phone box on the corner of White Horse Street and Piccadilly. We managed to catch him on CCTV heading towards Down Street and then we lost him.

Any Department employee with a reasonable grasp of London protocol knows that fictionally active people should never use the underground and Down Street holds one of the most famous closed underground stations. Deliberately slipping into the Under while surrounded by commuters can be difficult (doing it accidentally is easy) but going in via one of the Under’s main thoroughfares should be a piece of piss.

Judge decided that if we were going into the Under we should break uniform and dress for the terrain. An expedition into the Under isn’t something you should organise on the drop of a hat and so, by the time we got into Down Street station,  Icarus’s trail had gone cold. Thankfully we were able to make contact with a department agent down there who was known as Sweet William. I think it was meant ironically as Sweet William was not sweet and was a woman, I think. Sweet William is a member of the Tosher’s Guild and was able to lead us to a Tagger who in turn connected us to a guide who could help us find Icarus’s path through the Under.

So there was eight of us, since Sweet William, Barbara (our ‘Tagger’, and the less said the better) were accompanying us as well as our guide, Phillip Fogg and his bodyguard Pup. Pup and Fogg I both know by reputation. Namely that they are [REDACTED] and thus could lead us to the Detective. Bringing the Detective into our investigation would at least give us some assistance in locating Icarus and in all probability give us some much needed data on the entity. Judge felt that bothering the Detective with our problems would be as waste of his time.

“Why not turn all our investigations over to [The Detective]? That way we could just sit on our arses and do fuck all, all day.” he said to me. Well I thought that was a bit harsh.

Fogg took us north anyway but we soon came to a battle site. Looked like the Scotland Yardies and the Sweeney had yet another turf war nowhere near their respective domains. Some of the defeated looked like they had been taken down by someone with Department training so we guessed that Icarus had probably been involved. Pup was able to sniff out Icarus’s scent and things looked grim. Icarus had obviously been wounded and then left with the victors. In this case it looked like that was the Yardies so at least Icarus was probably alive instead of dead or insane. Of course as they were the Yardies and he’s the Department so there would be a ransom to pay. This being the Under the ransom could be anything as simple as a promise.

We had to travel fast. At least we’d be back near the [REDACTED] building which would mean we could get into contact with HQ and perhaps get back up if we needed it. Pup was able to use his authority as one of Westbourne’s generals to get us into the corridors of power. Only problem was this now meant that our presence in the Under would become a matter of record. Once in the corridors we found the nearest Yardie and got him to lead us to Icarus. We were too late. Icarus had been patched up, wined and dined as an honoured guest. He’d then bought his freedom with the secret of what he was seeking; knowledge regarding the entity. He gave them the whole spiel. Told them about the entity and what he did. He showed them the Operator sigil and then departed. If what we suspect is true, that knowing about the entity calls him, then Icarus had just put a group of the biggest baddest motherfuckers in the Under in his path. Nasty.

We’d missed Icarus by only a matter of hours. We had a guide but then Icarus was travelling with a group of Yardies. At least we knew where Icarus was going. Seemed he had a plan to consult the Detective and get his assistance with the entity. Judge ground his teeth but I said nothing. I may have looked slightly smug; I don’t recall. Dictionary asked me to “keep it down” whatever ‘it’ was.

As we left the corridors we were confronted by a group of nine or so black clad bravos led by a creature that I think was a woman but I couldn’t be sure. She was all sharp angles and had a beaked face like a plague doctor’s mask. “Thatch.” Fogg said with a tone of regret. Word of our presence in the Under had evidently reached as far as the White Tower. Thatch wanted to detain us for a whole variety of reasons, foremost being she felt that she could. Judge seemed reluctant to stand up to her; we’d been ordered to keep ourselves out of local politics . Barbara said that being detained by the Ravens would make us pawns in whatever it was Thatch was up to. Hermione, Dictionary and I agree that that would not be keeping ourselves out of local politics. Judge however was worried that resisting Thatch could start a conflict between The Ravens and The Department. Thatch however seemed to have no such concerns. As we debated among ourselves Thatch had her Ravens draw their weapons and ordered us to surrender immediately or face the consequences.


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