Quick Update

Had a visit from Agent Gideon yesterday, just before knocking off time. Seems that them upstairs have decided that Taskforce Remiel needs to be downsized to a single team. Guess who is on it. Yes that’s right it’s little old me.

Spent much of my morning on team building exercises. Taking time during elevenses to write this.

I’d like to say it’s my team, but that would imply that I’m team leader but for reasons of my condition that’s not possible. But yeah they’re my team as far as I’m concerned. 🙂 For reason of brevity and the fact that if I didn’t this post would be full of “reacted this” and “redacted that” I’m going to give my team members nicknames.

Team Remiel’s leader is an accomplished occultist and investigator with some dramaturgy experience. He’s a member of one of those extended families that have grown up around the Department. I’m calling him “Judge”.

Next up we have a young and talented witch, a recent graduate from McGonnagle’s Academy up in the highlands. She is trained in Dramaturgy by McGonnagle herself. For obvious reasons I’m calling her “Hermione”.

Then there’s the team’s resident psychic; one of those annoying broad spectrum psychics who can read you like a book and stop your heart with a thought. Most annoyingly he’s not a benedanti which leaves that stuff entirely up to me. I’m calling him “Dictionary”.

Then there’s “Brother Lucas” who is a theurge assigned to us from Cestus Dei. I can tell by the way Lucas looks at me that he knows about my condition, and I don’t mean the absence seizures.

Last, but by no means least, there’s me. “PlanetNiles”. Benedanti and dramaturge (in that order). I got my dramaturgy training from Agent Gideon and Granny. I’m also [REDACTED], well at least as I read it. But then as a pagan what else should I expect?

Oh finally my caffeine addled colleague, whom I think I shall call “Icarus”, didn’t show up at his assigned safe house on Friday night. No sign of him at his home either. Oh. Icarus, if you read this I hope you’re okay. You know where I live so if you want to sleep on my sofa then feel free.


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