So we cocked up

That’s not a statement of liability and good luck with trying to sue the Department. It’s… well.

We did have reports you see, of something trying to break through into our world. As far back as 2004 there were reports filed, some by Benedanti, two by me, of something trying to force its way through. In one instance I dreamed of something black and sinuous trying to force its way through in the grocery aisle of the local supermarket and I grabbed up a fennel stalk and pushed it back. Then back in the middle of June of ’09 the reports stopped.

Evidently all the entity needed was a form to take and a name to use. The Something Awful thread gave it just that.

As for reports of it prior to ’09? Well there’s nothing to stop anything that can move obtusely through space from being able to move through time in the same way.


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