Tasking Force Remiel

NB: This report was begun before the last but incomplete when the events of the prior report overtook it. It is now included for completeness.

I already miss my desk at the Black Library, as we call the Department’s Archives. I was once told it’s called that because it’s maintained by the Wordsworth family who are all of Afro-Caribbean descent. I was also told it was named after the Vatican’s secret library, the library of the School of the Night (who were also the first Department) and if you go deep enough into the stacks you find the true head librarian. Who is an Orangutan.

This is the Department. Nothing stops all of the above being true.

I arrived at the new [REDACTED] building, which is rather posh. Saw my (former) boss, Agent Alex, arguing with Agent Gideon. That felt oddly like being a child watching your parents having a row. I did feel like poining out to someone that I’m supposed to be limited to desk work because of my illness. But I’m pretty sure they only put together taskforces when they’ve declared an emergency. Otherwise they just form a Clique to deal with on-going things. Hopefully nobody will notice me passing out at the first sign of stress, or a loud noise. [REDACTED], the current head of the Blue Box Clique, was there explaining how their preemptive attempt to defuse the whole Slenderman thing may have backfired. It was nice to see him; I’m a big fan of the Blue Box. I have ambitions to join the clique at some point. Hopefully this taskforce will help towards that.

So there we are, sitting in a conference room on the [REDACTED]. There’s about a dozen of us, so three Teams worth, in the taskforce. [REDACTED] is there, looking like he has the worst caffeine withdrawal migraine you can imagine. I fight the urge to enjoy his distress. Everyone is pissed off at him letting the side down like that. The rest of Team [REDACTED] are safe-housed for the forseeable. The entity is known to haunt those who have encountered it.

Yes. We’re to refer to it only as “the entity”. Using Slenderman or The Operator is considered to give it power; it’s thought to draw life force almost vampiricly from those who are aware of it. However Kennet, who is Taskforce leader, kept calling the entity “Slendy” to the point we were all laughing along. It’s hard to fear something you find funny.

So we brainstormed, researched and discussed the various theories (or Theories), ideas and concepts around the entity’s mythos and in the end we had a plan. The upshot of which is two teams are to do fieldwork while I’m in the third team. While the others of what I’m calling Team Gamma are doing admin with light fieldwork as and when I’m left to browse the web and do my job. My job is to interface the Department with the mythos. Hence this blog and the Department’s new presence on Twitter.

I better get on with it then.


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