Further Encounters

I’ve been given the all clear. That fragment of the entity that was crawling up me was left behind when I dropped out of REM, so I’m okay.

However I learned that the rest of the taskforce had been hit too. With as much success as with me. That said [REDACTED] was chased through Soho by a pack of proxies. Thankfully Sorrow was in the area and swooped in to save his neck. The proxies took one look at her and wisely fled. Then this morning a proxie followed him to work. Actually into the lobby. FFS how dumb can these, uh, people get? As is so often the case when someone targets the Department, they do not know with whom they fuck.

It seems that [REDACTED] is the only one of us actually scared by the entity. On the positive side we have a proxie to play with. Dr Promethean has expressed an interest in getting involved with that side of things, which will bring us up to a nice bakers dozen.

Oh and it’s pretty obvious that while I seriously inconvenienced the entity last night I didn’t do any lasting damage. But good things come to those that wait.


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