Encounter 1

I fell asleep last night while trying to type up my report of what I’d been up to over the weekend. I was mildly creeped out at the time but I had spent two days researching stories about the entity so certain spookiness was to be expected. However as I dropped through hypnagogic my subconcious finally allowed me to see what had been grating at me. Something, I think it’s what the slender-bloggers call a “Proxie”, had been throwing itself against my house wards for quite some time.

I’m a Department trained Dramaturge. When I set up a ward it stays up. In the old flat, a few years back, someone set a fire in the communal hall, right in front of our front door. It was so hot that they had to replaster the whole hall and replace every door in the building. Except ours. The fire didn’t even scorch the paint. The inside handle didn’t even get hot which resulted in me opening the door to find out why the smoke alarms were squawking and getting a lung full of toxic smoke and a three hour stay in hospital until they were able to figure out that the chest pains were indigestion not a heart attack or burned lungs. As I said when I set up a ward it stays up. Nothing malign can enter the flat; it’s always fun to see certain visitors suddenly find somewhere else to be when they reach the threshold.

However I’m also a Benedanti so when I’m in REM sleep I’m not technically in my flat, or even between my ears. I can also drop into REM very quickly; five minutes tops. Well I’d noticed that the Proxie had a certain presence in the dreamlands so I thought I’d have some fun at his expense. Only he wasn’t alone. There was a pack of them waiting for me. Well they were expecting me, only not quite so soon. I had enough time to invoke my Mass Effect style Omnitool which I’m currently using to manifest my abilities in the dreamscape and throw up a force bubble before they were on me. Well on the forcefield. They kept on knocking but they couldn’t get in so I expanded the plates of the bubble enough to manifest another one inside it then I fired off the outer plates and chuckled at the resulting chaos. All this took less time than it took for you to read. Indeed the terrain upon which I fought hadn’t even settled down into anything than a blur.

While hurling the poxie Proxies around what was rapidly becoming (unsuprisingly) a woodland clearing I noticed that the Proxies were all linked by black tendrils that started on the back of their necks and stretched off into the trees. I changed my tactics and when I next fired off my plates I sent them scything into the tendrils. For every tendril I cut the connected Proxie vanished.

Well this was a turn up for the books. It didn’t take very long for me to cut off all of the proxies. Then of course the boss turned up. As the entity loomed down upon me from the trees I rezzed a plate and launched it at the the entity’s neck. Bonk. Once faceless head bounced off the turf and rolled to the roots of  the nearest tree. It’s body rocked back and forth for a few moments before moving towards me once more. Inky tentacles bounced off my shield and I launched myself, Scott Pilgrim style, towards it manifesting a grenade in my hand which I punched into the entity’s chest. I kicked off away from it and landed nearby. I looked up in time to see it explode into midnight fragments which began to ‘smoke’ and evaporate into the sky.

Scratch one entity. Mission accomplished. Right?

Right. I felt something moving up my arm. A black slug was crawling up my arm. I tried to snatch it off but it didn’t seem to have any substance to grasp. It was on the crux between my shoulder and neck when I finally got a grip of it and… then I woke up.

So the prior report will have to wait. I’m firing this one off and then heading off to get myself checked out. Thanks Granny for simplifying my commute.


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