Slender Man

Reports coming in indicate that Team [REDACTED] encountered an entity while investigating the disappearance of a young girl from a play park in Camden. Not the sort of of thing you’d expect Scotland Yard to call us in to investigate but when a child literally vanishes before a parent’s eyes, foot prints stopping mid stride, then you know something is up.

So they called in the “odd squad”, as they call us. Our field team had a poke around, reported that there was some sort of spatial “curdling” around the point of disappearance. I think we can file that under “stating the bleeding obvious” but then that’s just me. I’m a desk jockey, what do I know of field work. I only get called in when they run low on Dramaturges or Benedanti. Lucky me.

Speaking of which it turns out that team [REDACTED]’s Benedanti had had a run in with a beastie over in the dream world last week and failed to report it. He’s been necking redbull like there was no tomorrow, so he could avoid a rematch, which made him about as useful as a sore prick on a vicar. Someone is going to get a reprimand. So they’re all standing around while waiting for this loser to stop buzzing enough to get some shut eye and do his job. The sun sets and they’re still twiddling their thumbs. Even the plods have called it a day and gone home, but not our lot. Then WHAM Mr Tall Dark and Faceless appears.

Here’s what [REDACTED] had to say in the debriefing:

The next thing I knew the entity was among us. It was at least three meters tall, it’s limb proportions were completely off; too long. Impossibly long. It’s face. It had no face; it was just blank, featureless. Not like a mask, more like it was unfinished in some way.  There were also tentacles, black viscous tendrils that oozed from it. But that’s not the worst bit. It wore a suit and tie, a black suit, white shirt and black tie, like a business man or [REDACTED].  I’m ashamed to say we ran, but despite all the training and experience, when that thing loomed out like that I screamed and ran. The rest of my team weren’t far behind. I can’t even say it was a fighting retreat although [REDACTED] claimed that he’d thrown up something to slow it down. I don’t care. I want [REDACTED] off my team! If he had done his job when we got there then we’d have been long gone before that thing showed up!


It turns out that [REDACTED] is claiming that when the entity appeared it brought the physical laws of the dreamworld with it. We’ve had reports of similar phenomena before. There was that instance when [REDACTED], back before she was [REDACTED], took down an Unseelie Prince in The [REDACTED] with a [REDACTED] that she only had on her when she was in her dream form. Of course she thought she was asleep at the time but it’s on record.

I digress. The whole thing has been kicked upstairs and there’s talk of forming a taskforce to hunt down and remove this entity as soon as humanly possible. We’ve been following the ARG that’s been building up around the mythos of the Slender Man, of course, I’m sure a few of us have been getting involved in it too. If so they’re going to be a premium. I’m just glad I’m going to be nowhere near it.


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