Slender Man addendum

Well not less than half an hour after sending my last post off through the censor I got a call from none other than Agent Gideon himself. Not nice bald Agent Gideon who owes me a few but scary Agent Gideon with the whisky. Apparently they’ve formed Taskforce Remiel to deal with the Slender Man. No he wasn’t phoning me to update me, he was phoning me to tell me I’m on it. Taskforce Remiel that is. Which is nicer than just sending me a memo I suppose.

I’m to report to the outfitters for a black suit, white shirt and a tie; stealing an entity’s likeness gives one some power over it. Yes I can wear a hat, hats are cool, and a pair of converse. Then I’m to report for a mission briefing. So there goes the rest of my weekend.


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